JPAD Vol. 5
JPAD Vol. 5
Volume 5
Year: 2018

Editor's Note

The Journal of Public Affairs and Development (JPAD) is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal published annually by the College of Public Affairs and Development. Published in both print and online format, the journal aims to provide a venue to discuss topics related to public affairs and development, particularly, development management and governance, strategic planning and public policy, agrarian and rurban development studies, agricultural and extension education, community development, and education management.

The first research article in JPAD Volume 5 is a case study that examined the supply chains of the Philippine markets for chicken meat, chicken egg, and pork. Elca, Gordoncillo, Neric, and Curibot noted commonalities and uniqueness among these supply chains. Moreover, the authors identified several competition issues that present or may lead to potential violations of the Philippine Competition Act (PCA). To address these competition issues, the authors recommend exploring the following corrective measures: (1) promoting backyard farming to increase participation of backyard farmers; (2) pursuing a credit guarantee system between the private sector and the government that will benefit small scale producers; (3) upgrading locally registered meat establishments to National Meat Inspection Service-accredited facilities; (4) incorporating the dimension of smuggling as a competitive issue; and (5) overhauling the system of livestock auction markets to ensure that these livestock auction markets remain faithful to their functions.

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